GJD, one of the world’s most innovative leaders in British manufacturing and design of professional external detector equipment, recently launched the Laser-Watch®, a long range IP connected laser surveillance sensor.

Laser Wach

The Laser-Watch® is a powerful sensor for detecting objects and humans with great accuracy up to 500 metres away and without the need for lights, reflectors or separate transmitters/receivers as used by other systems. Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director at GJD commented: “The Laser-Watch® uses innovative technology to ensure utmost precision, regardless of lighting or weather conditions for a wide range of sectors.”

System design
At the core of the Laser-Watch’s design is functionality and ease of use. With this approach, the customer will find many advantages including quick and easy installation, effective outdoor surveillance for a variety of sectors and adjustable settings such as programmable detection range and twenty fully adaptable alarm zones.

One of the major benefits is that it can be used as a standalone unit or as part of a security system with multiple IP surveillance sensors and IP cameras connected to a server. Another benefit is the twenty fully adjustable alarm zones each with their own sensitivity settings and alarm actions.

Additionally, the Laser-Watch® has an intuitive web based user interface for fine tuning sensor settings and configuring network alarms for integration with all network based surveillance software.

GJD is offering free practical hands-on Laser-Watch® training to give users a real-life experience of this unique detector.

High performance
Designed from the ground up with high accuracy detection in mind, the Laser-Watch® delivers unrivalled levels of performance as it not only detects an intrusion, but it also knows the exact position of an object or human. Its reliability and accuracy ensures that false alarms are kept to near zero and only genuine detection threats are captured.

Another key benefit is pinpoint precision. For example, the sensor can be set to react only to cars in a specific lane, to alarm only if an object has stopped or if a door opens, whilst all other activities are ignored.

Wide range of applications
Typical applications include perimeter control as the sensor can detect all objects crossing a virtual fence, which is especially useful when a physical fence is not desirable.

The Laser-Watch® is also perfect for spot surveillance in an exact area, for example an entrance to a house or along a wall. The innovative sensor can be used to detect if an object moves, as it can be located anywhere with a clear line of sight to the object.

It is also the perfect solution for police stakeout operations and other temporary perimeter security systems including harbours, airports, large industrial areas and large freight terminals.