GJD’s unrivalled D-TECT Laser for discreet security applications

GJD’s D-TECT Laser sensor is a high-precision laser based security/safety device for perimeter protection and intruder detection. The specially designed four layer, laser scanner is available in 25m x 25m, 10m x 10m and 5m x 5m versions.

D-TECT Laser

The sophisticated technology and high quality of the D-TECT Laser is unmatched in the security and external detection industry. It is well suited for a wide range of sectors from highly sensitive military installations and prestigious residential properties to public and commercial sectors.

The D-TECT Laser can identify moving objects and is suitable for internal and external use. It is often used to create a virtual wall or virtual ceiling, popular applications include protection of works of art in museums, window and door protection, speed roller shutters, high-end residential properties or open sites such as busy car dealerships. These are just to name a few examples of where the D-TECT Laser can be used.

A major benefit of the D-TECT Laser is its compact design and single cabling point, which reduces the number of fittings on a building. Key features include two programmable detection zones that are configurable to within 10cm, a virtual tamper and anti-masking. It is also available in white and black housing.GJD D-TECT Laser

Greg Stuttle, GJD’s Sales Manager commented: “The D-TECT Laser ensures reliable and accurate motion detection. Its compact design and unique features make it an important part of any intrusion detection system”.

Further features include covert operation as the LED display can be switched off when required, high immunity to environmental interference and user friendly programming. Feedback from installers is that the D-TECT Laser is quick and easy to setup compared to similar competitive products.