GJD’s Pearl Triple - Tech Wired Detector for Maximum Intruder Protection

GJD, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of professional external detector equipment and LED illuminators has announced unique features of its Pearl Triple-Tech detector.

GJD Pearl Curtain Beam Detector

Designed to trigger genuine activations, the Pearl can be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems to avoid nuisance alarms. Combined with PIR, microwave and anti-masking technology, the Pearl provides reliable and trustworthy security against potential crime.

Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director at GJD commented: “The Pearl is an aesthetically pleasing product. It may be small in size yet its quality, reliability and performance are not compromised. The Pearl detector is a high-end product to help protect residential, commercial or industrial premises”.

Advanced triple technology

The Pearl detector is equipped with PIR, microwave and anti-masking sensors. The combined technology ensures nuisance triggers are kept to an absolute minimum. It also comes equipped with anti-tampering circuitry and two separate output contacts.

Another key feature is its narrow PIR curtain beam, which provides precise and accurate detection solutions to protect both properties and people against crime.

Ease of installation and flexibility

The Pearl motion detector offers engineer friendly features such as a customisable “T” bracket suitable for narrow beam applications. An additional swivel bracket can be purchased for applications that require a bespoke pan and tilt angle.

The Pearl can be easily positioned to look across many areas including windows, doors or even the entire length of the house or property wall. It also has selectable detection ranges of 3m, 6m, 9m and 12m, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Available in silver and white, the Pearl discreetly blends into the majority of PVC windows and doors. As the Pearl is also designed and manufactured with tamper functionality, it doesn’t matter if the Pearl is mounted on a swivel or T-bracket as the tamper will still activate if vandalism occurs.

Other unique features include IP65 weather protection, low voltage and a two-year warranty.

Why use the external Pearl wired detector?

Triple technology PIR, anti-mask and microwave sensors
Narrow PIR curtain lens
Range selectable 3, 6, 9, 12 meters
Low voltage 12VDC supply input
Temperature compensation for extreme environments
N/C volt-free contacts for tamper, anti-mask and alarm
Available in silver or white