GJD’s Clarius PLUS used for worldwide television series

GJD a world class manufacturer of advanced presence detection, LED illuminators and security lighting systems worked closely with HotCam who is a leading professional broadcast camera, audio, lighting equipment hire and crewing company. The collaboration required GJD’s LED illuminators to use during night vision filming for a worldwide television series.

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The Challenge

GJD was brought in to help HotCam Ltd. develop the perfect lighting solution. Due to the high scale of the project, it was essential that the Infra-Red Illuminators would provide a reliable and precision lighting solution.

Covert IR lighting was a key specification, it was essential the illuminators had the ability of lighting up a room as if it was daylight to a night vision camera, but still appear dark to the human eye so people were unaware of filming.

Image quality was also key as the camera footage had to meet strict television broadcast standards. It was important to capture visible images of objects without shadows and show people with clear facial identification. The lighting solution had to be completely accurate due to very key elements of the television series would be filmed in total darkness.

The location of filming was in various sized rooms which would change from day to night, so both the illumination range and angle had to match the cameras field of view.

Lighting Solution

After careful consideration and thorough testing, eight Medium Clarius PLUS Infra-Red illuminators were specified. The medium Clarius PLUS incorporates the latest surface mount Dual core LED’s with enhanced optical output and outstanding reliability to deliver excellent night-time images.

The advanced technology allows for significantly more light to be delivered precisely where it is required. It also reduces light wastage, which helps to reduce costs and save energy without compromising on efficiency.

A distinct feature of the Medium Clarius PLUS was its interchangeable lens diffuser system, which provides a quick and user-friendly method to easily alter the angle of illumination, therefore providing versatility whilst filming.

The Clarius PLUS also has a very minimal visible glow; this ensured that the lighting was invisible to the actors.Clarius PLUS interchangeable lens

Another specialist feature was the modern PoE (power over Ethernet) technology, which provided the option to run power via PoE, this saved further cabling and lowered the maintenance costs.

Joe Patterson, Technical Manager at HotCam commented: “We are very happy with how the Clarius PLUS LED illuminators performed and they were perfect for the application we required. GJD also provided us with an outstanding level of customer service, I am looking forward to working with GJD again.”

The Conclusion

The use of GJD’s Clarius PLUS Infra-Red illuminators provided vision in total darkness. The illuminators worked well with HotCam’s cameras and provided a flexible solution as each unit came with a choice of angles out of the box. The equipment was ordered through NBM, who is one of GJD’s trusted distributors. NBM provided a quick and reliable service, which was essential due to the strict filming production schedule.

Key Facts

• Covert Infra-Red lighting

• Minimal visible glow

• Variety of illumination angles out of the box

• Crystal clear footage for international television series

• Easy to install

• Dedicated lighting for IP cameras via PoE+

The case study is available to view here: http://www.gjd.co.uk/media-centre/case-studies/gjds-clarius-plus-used-worldwide-television-series