GJD acquires Embsec’s product technology and intellectual property rights

GJD, one of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of professional external detector equipment and LED illuminators has today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire from Embsec AB, a Swedish R&D house, all of their internet protocol (IP) and laser technology plus all related intellectual property rights.

Mark & Erik - Embsec

The IP technology will be integrated into GJD’s D-TECT® detector and Clarius® LED illuminator product ranges to provide automated and digitally connectable security solutions.

Embsec’s laser scanning and time of flight technology solutions will position GJD as a leader in the field of laser detection. These products are proving very popular and provide extremely accurate detection for high risk security applications. The external laser detectors will be manufactured in-house at GJD’s UK factory under the Laser-Watch® and vFence® trademarks.

Traditional ‘analogue’ security and lighting systems have been the most popular choice for a variety of applications for decades. In 2016, the Internet of Things (IoT) exploded into the security world. More and more companies are looking to seamlessly connect their products (security or otherwise) to the Internet for remote diagnostics, programming and control applications. The purchase of Embsec’s IP products, software and technology allows GJD to offer a fully integrated IP solution, with all products being manufactured in-house at GJD’s head office in Heywood, Greater Manchester.

In this digital age, it is extremely rare to be without an internet enabled device. Smart phones, tablets and computers are always readily available. One of the major advantages of having a GJD security device connected via the internet is that the high-speed remote access permits full control and diagnostics at anytime from anywhere in the world.

The IP technology will complement GJD’s product range instantly. It will provide installers, specifiers and consultants with a ‘one stop shop’ for IP connected detectors, alarm devices and LED illuminators for smart building networks. Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director of GJD commented: “This strategic acquisition will enable the company to substantially develop and grow in terms of technology innovation. There is a high demand for IP security products to complement the rise in smart home and building management systems. GJD’s unique IP enabled intrusion detection and illumination products will open up new doors to these markets”. 

Erik Lindstein, Managing Director of Embsec AB commented: “GJD is a fantastic company to take this cutting-edge technology forward. We have worked with GJD for many years and are confident that our customers and suppliers will benefit greatly from GJD’s focus on technology innovation and world class service offering”.

Erik Lindstein continued to say: “This change is fantastic news for our customers and partners. Embsec will continue to support our customers during the transition process to ensure it is as smooth as possible”.

The IP PCB modules can be integrated with products from other manufacturers, please email madeline.horth@gjd.co.uk for further information.

Watch this space for GJD’s next generation of home automation and building management IP security.