ATEX Infra-Red Beam added to the GJD product range

GJD today announced the availability of its external ATEX approved Infra-Red beam set (GS100). The ATEX approved Infra-Red beam provides versatile detection solutions, which allows engineers to reliably protect hazardous areas.

ATEX Infra-Red Beam

The GS100 is designed to be used in association with alarm annunciation equipment, or other devices that provide a means of monitoring the voltage free relay alarm output, for example CCTV integration.

Mark Tibbenham, GJD’s Managing Director commented: “The ATEX approved GS100 is an extremely reliable product, which is perfect for use in hazardous areas. It provides advance warning of potential intruder threats or safety breaches, providing total peace of mind to people on the site”

Mark continued to say: “It is our sincere belief that GJD’s perimeter detection equipment is at the forefront of security in terms of detection ability, reliability and freedom of false alarms. The inclusion of the ATEX approved Infra-Red beam technology further enhances our product offering”

The innovative technology is ATEX certified and is suitable for use within the petrochemical and oil sectors, as well as other similar industries where explosion, flame, weather or dust proof housings are required.

A major advantage of the GS100‘s design is the asynchronisation of the beam connections to provide high level security allowing multiple sets of beams to be installed on the same site, or stacked above each other without ‘cross interference’.   

As well as providing covert detection, being cost and energy efficient, range programmable up to 100m, the GS100 has a bi-optical beam transmission system to enhance the stability and reliability of the device. 

Key Features

• ATEX approval for zone 1 and zone 2

• Covert Infra-Red detection

• 100m beam range

• TX/RX beam set synchronisation and asynchronous connection

• Pulse modulated

• Heat strengthened plate glass aperture

• Tamper switch

• Bioptical beam transmission system

• Energy and cost efficient

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GS100 product