Heywood Company Protects Bolton Business Park

GJD’s equipment does exactly what it says on the tin

Bolton’s Halliwell Business Park is located on the site of an original mill with a “footprint” of some 5 acres. Security was originally provided by a team of men patrolling the site on foot from 7:00pm to 7:00am, a costly procedure and one prone to attract thieves and vandals no matter how enthusiastic and vigilant the guards.

A recent security upgrade now provides 24/7 CCTV image site coverage using a sophisticated combination of high speed 360 degrees dome cameras, static anti-vandal domes, GJD detectors and horn speakers. The entire system provides high speed information to a sophisticated control centre that in turn links with the local police and offers immediate response to incidents as they arise or are witnessed being planned.

Commenting on the upgrade and the part played by the 27 GJD Elite 35m and D-TECT detectors, which form an integral part of the full system, System Design Consultant Dave Rawlinson of Total Services (NW) Ltd stated: “GJD’s equipment does exactly what it says on the tin to paraphrase a well known advertisement. They are simple to fit, offer outstanding performance and do not substitute quality for price. They are extremely cost effective and totally fit for purpose.”

Continuing, Dave added: “Following the completion of our installation, incidents reduced to zero in the very first week of operation, providing the site owners with an immediate payback on their investment and proof that potential intruders had been thoroughly deterred.”