DUO Large PLUS Infra-Red Illuminator

The Duo Large PLUS comes with its own power supply unit which has various control features including power and photocell adjust, telemetry and following contacts.

The Clarius® DUO Large PLUS range of illuminators includes an interchangeable lens diffuser system; which allows the user to quickly and easily alter the angle of illumination. As standard the illuminator includes interchangeable lensing to deliver 10° circular, 20°, 30°, 60°, 80° and 95° elliptical beam profiles.

Elliptical beam technology allows more light to be delivered where it is needed, allowing both longer distances and minimising light wastage. The system also helps to prevent overexposure of foreground objects, which ensures ultra clear illumination. 

Key Features

• Distance up to 319m (1048')

• Latest ultra high power SMT dual core LED™ technology

• Adjustable angles

• Dedicated intelligent switch mode PSU

• Low power consumption

• IP66 weather proof rating

• CleanLITE® self cleaning lens coating technology

• 850nm or 940nm wavelengths

• Long life

• 5 year warranty

• Elliptical beam profiles



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