Wired Detectors

An extensive range of wired external detection solutions to suit all sector requirements.

Wireless Detectors

A comprehensive range of wireless detection technology, which provides reliable security solutions for all sector requirements.

IP Detectors

Professional IP detectors for perimeter surveillance. The GJD IP range provides seamless integration with third party VMS providers and CCTV systems.

Laser Sensors

High quality laser sensors, which offer precise and accurate presence detection.


Intruder detection products designed to work seamlessly with other security detection systems.

Security Lighting

Advanced security lighting designed to enhance security, whilst keeping both properties and people safe and secure.

Speech Diallers

Innovative speech diallers compatible with intruder detector equipment.

Detector Accessories

State of the art security accessories, providing solutions for all sectors. 

Product Kits

Browse our range of security detection and lighting product kits

Product Kits

Clarius® Infra-Red LED Illuminators

Infra-Red illuminators designed to work in conjunction with black and white or day and night cameras. 

Clarius® White-Light LED Illuminators

LED based illuminators designed to deliver perfect White-Light for use with colour cameras. Ideally suited to deter potential problems or offer support in darkened areas.

Clarius® Accessories

A complete range of accessories for use with Clarius® LED lighting products.