Praise for BSIA member company

GJD are delighted to have received the following praise and acknowledgement from the BSIA: “A BSIA member has received a glowing report from a client after they experienced a high rate of nuisance alerts and decided to test and evaluate the performance of the member’s dual technology outdoor detectors.

The client was receiving a high level of nuisance activations in their Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) and consequently their external detection technology needed to be reviewed. In the past, poor site maintenance such as foliage, litter, wildlife and direct sunlight had resulted in a high number of nuisance calls and so the BSIA member’s dual technology detector was reviewed. This technology involves an alarm sensor consisting both of Passive Infra Red (PIR) and a microwave detector in a single unit. Following the trial, the client reported that they had seen an 85% reduction in the number of false alarms when using the BSIA member’s dual technology.

With this success in mind, the client then approached the BSIA member about helping them make improvements to an existing system alarm technology. They were concerned that it was not clear when an alarm was faulty or when an active beam had been blocked. The client and BSIA member worked together on developing a new and improved technology to monitor the condition of alarm inputs and provided a local indication or an alert at the RVRC where the system may have been compromised.

This development means that customers are not leaving sites vulnerable to malicious attacks, which further improves the quality of service provided. The BSIA was delighted by the outcome of both the trial and technology development.”