GJD showcases 3 new products at IFSEC 2014

GJD Manufacturing Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies professional external wired and wireless detector equipment as well as CCTV and lighting controllers utilised in the intruder surveillance industry.

GJD will be exhibiting at IFSEC International (stand F1150) at Excel London from June 17th to 19th, where we will be showcasing our state-of-the-art Dual-Tech Anti Masking Curtain Detector – The ‘Pearl’.  It utilises microwave and PIR sensors with integral anti-masking detection to create a curtain beam pattern.

There is an attempted burglary on a private residence every 45 seconds and every 76 seconds the burglary is successful.  During 2010/2011 there were 701,000 recorded burglaries, 417,000 were successful and resulted in property losses and damage, 293,000 or 41% tried but failed.  The average cost of damage to a property in a break-in is £382, with a staggering average cost of loss in a break-in escalating to £2,040 (source ONS).  The most common causes of break-ins are:- unsecured garage door, no security lighting, no visible intruder alarms, valuables on display.

Crime prevention advice from the Police Force states that alarms are undoubtedly the most effective deterrent against burglary and homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. Ground floor and other accessible windows (hinged, sash or louver) should be fitted with additional security devices.

The Dual-Tech ‘Pearl’ from GJD offers state-of-the-art PIR technology; which will aid to protect your property against crime with its invisible curtain beam.  It can be positioned to look across windows, doors or the entire length of the house or property wall.  The Pearl detector has an optional pan and tilt bracket for ease of alignment and will warn when an intruder gets close to the window.  Boundary overspill and hence nuisance alarms are minimised due to the narrow field of view of the protection beams.  Applications include:- external windows, gates, roller doors and access points in narrow passageways.

The Pearl’s technical specifications include:

  • Dual Technology PIR and microwave sensing
  • Anti-masking protection
  • Up to 12 meter detection range with a maximum beam spread of 200cm
  • Low Voltage 12VDC supply input
  • N/C tamper, mask and alarm contacts
  • Also new from GJD is the D-TECT IP, an IP connectivity BS 8418 compliant, quad element PIR external movement detector.

D-TECT IP detectors are programmed and monitored via networked connected computers equipped with web ready applications such as browsers.  They are readily compatible with ARC ‘integrity monitoring’ tools and other standard application types such as Video System Monitoring, via XML files and customisable scripts.

It offers dual applications: security and building management and also has the potential to capture and transmit other valuable data such as ambient lighting levels, temperature and even audio.

The features of the D-TECT IP include:

  • IP addressable, Powered over Ethernet  (PoE), outdoor motion sensor using proven GJD D-TECT PIR sensor technology
  • Aesthetically pleasing iconic D-TECT housing
  • Exceptional resistance to false & nuisance alarms
  • Adjustable pan & tilt electronics module, coupled with variable mounting height, allows the view of D-TECT IP sensor to match the camera
  • 1 configurable volt-free contact for local CCTV control or lighting, plus a light sensor to assist with remote confirmation of illumination
  • Standard web and Internet technologies such as web browsers enable:-

Remote status monitoring

  • Remote configuration offering improved first level installation support, without requiring immediate site visits
  • Remote or on-site diagnostics for second level maintenance, problem analysis & product feedback
  • Remote or on-site alarm and tamper event log viewing
  • All the flexible connectivity and reporting expected of modern networked technology including:-

‘Scripting’ tool allows reporting of alarm and tamper events to any custom application

  • Directly supported by a dedicated PC software application
  • Software tool suite available for system integrators

GJD will also showcase the new range of Clarius Plus Illuminators from the Group Company, Advanced LED Technology Ltd. The two companies are brilliantly matched in their complementary technologies.  GJD has a strong brand and positioning in the global security market with its range of external motion detectors.  Advanced LED Technology designs, develops and manufacturers a comprehensive, innovative range of infrared and white light LED illuminators predominantly used for the professional CCTV sector.

The new Clarius Plus Illuminators feature an interchangeable lens system that allows users to adjust the output angle of an illuminator on site to a precise and pre-defined angle.  As standard the Clarius Plus kit includes interchangeable lenses to deliver angles of 10, 30, 60, 80 and 120 degrees out of the box providing enough flexibility to cover almost all applications.

Clarius Plus Illuminators achieve longer illumination distances and allow cameras to produce better images than traditional LED illuminators due to a diffused elliptical beam shape.  This delivers more light when it is needed, minimizing light wastage and reducing overexposure of foreground objects.

Combined with the latest high power Dual Core LEDTM Technology, unique CleanLITE® lens coating all in a single package.  Available in Infra Red and White Light and powered from 12-24VDC/24VAC, all Clarius Plus illuminators come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Also being launched at IFSEC is the Clarius LT entry level Infra Red Illuminator range which comes with Dual Core LEDTM Technology and CleanLITE® lens coating as standard. Available in angles of 30 and 90 degrees, the range comes with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.

The combination of detection and illumination is a strong market proposition.  However the synergy between the two companies runs beyond the market potential, with both being committed to product innovation, quality and service.

To learn more about these state-of-the-art products or for your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 please visit our stand F1150 at IFSEC International at Excel London from June 17th to 19th.