GJD Alliance – a new force in external intrusion detection

Deter, Detect, Illuminate

In April this year 3 formidable UK companies joined forces to form the GJD Alliance.  GJD Manufacturing Ltd, Harper Chalice Group Ltd and Advanced LED Technology Ltd (ALT) are pleased to announce a new strategic alliance where their respective strengths and product ranges have been combined to create a one stop shop for professional external intrusion detection.

The new Group, GJD Alliance, is one of the first of its kind in the UK, offering a total external and perimeter security solution with Harper Chalice’s (FenceSecure™ & WallSecure™) systems, GJD ‘s range of external PIR volumetric detectors and active IR beams together with ALT’s illuminators to provide a complete external deterrent, detection and illumination solution.

Between them, these highly respected UK companies have more than 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of world leading and technologically innovative perimeter intruder detection, surveillance, illumination and protection systems.

Harper Chalice’s PulseSecure™, FenceSecure™ and WallSecure™ electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems are deployed around the world for the protection of all types of risks from VIP residences to Royal Palaces and Prisons, from normal commercial risks to the protection of high security installations including critical national infrastructure and utilities. Coupled with GJD’s innovative range of external PIR and Dual-Tech motion detectors a comprehensive product offering is now available that truly offers the first and second lines of defence for any perimeter security requirement.

Add to this the complementary technologies of ALT who designs, develops and manufactures a comprehensive, professional range of infrared and white light LED illuminators and the result is a best in class truly British integrated solution.

The combination of a credible perimeter deterrent, detection, alarm activation and illumination is a strong market proposition. However, the synergy between the three companies runs beyond just market potential, with all three being committed to product innovation, quality and service.

A spearhead for growth, the new partnership positions ‘GJD Alliance’ at the forefront of UK manufacturing technology, offering global markets a unique integrated external intrusion detection solution.

Mark Tibbenham, Managing Director of GJD added “I am excited about the Alliance and the real benefits that we bring to our customers. Our combined and integrated products seamlessly combine to provide the 1st and 2nd lines of defence and so create a total perimeter solution and a deterrent to would-be intruders.