Dark nights close in as British Summer Time ends

British Summer Time officially came to an end on Sunday 27th October, bringing with it shorter days. The UK will now reach darkness by mid-afternoon.

The end of BST means there are longer periods of darkness for potential intruders to take advantage. Winter is the peak season for break-ins and criminal activity, therefore it is crucial to be prepared and ensure your property is secure.

When choosing security detection and lighting equipment it is vital that you purchase a high-quality, reliable product. Investing in a reputable security detector can be critical as professional thieves can easily identify less robust systems, making the property an easy target. Ensuring the area surrounding your property is adequately illuminated minimises potential entry points for an intruder among the winter darkness. Installing PIR motion sensors is key for early detection as they can act as a deterrent against potential intruders.

At GJD Manufacturing we take great pride in developing new designs, utilising the latest technology and implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that will ensure our reputable position within the industry. Our product range includes wired and wireless PIR’s and dual technology external motion detectors, active infrared beams, LED Illuminators, laser detectors and security lighting.

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