Solar farm perimeter detection enhanced with Clarius® Infra-Red illuminators

Solar farms are large-scale systems of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, used to generate electricity. The farms often cover vast areas of land in rural areas, therefore it is essential that effective perimeter detection is in place to protect the infrastructure. GJD was employed to manufacture reliable security lighting to work in conjunction with the CCTV system on a solar farm in Cambridgeshire, to provide optimum security.

Solar Farm Case Study Image

The Cambridgeshire solar farm required intelligent detection lighting and a CCTV solution for a 13MW PV installation. Major project specifications included reliable security lighting, even in adverse weather conditions, accurate angle illumination and a light range of up to 95 metres. Given the nature of the project, it was also important the selected lighting used very low power consumption, without compromising on quality and efficiency.

GJD worked closely with AGE CCTV Systems and the project manager at the solar farm to select the most suitable security lighting for the project. After careful consideration it was decided the high performance, Infra-Red Clarius® IM illuminator was the perfect lighting solution, as it is specifically designed to provide world class leading performance, long life and ultra-low maintenance.

Gary Whiteman, Director of AGE CCTV Systems commented: “AGE choose Clarius® LED illuminators from GJD to complement our CCTV system as it provides competitively priced, high performance LED lighting in a rural environment”.

Incorporating the latest surface mount LEDs with enhanced optical output and outstanding reliability, the Infra-Red Clarius® IM illuminator delivers high quality night-time images, as well as working in conjunction with black and white or day and night cameras, providing a light invisible to the human eye, but fully visible to the CCTV camera. Each unit is fitted with integrated control circuitry to carefully control LED output, delivering consistent illumination for the farm and a projected working life in excess of 10 years.


  • Infra-Red Clarius® IM illuminators were installed on site
  • IP67 weather proof rating
  • Low power consumption (26W)
  • Latest SMT LED Technology
  • Distances up to 95 metres