Heritage and cultural sites require high security and alert solutions. GJD offer integrated solutions to help protect valuable and precious content.

Two of the most common threats for heritage sites such as museums, art galleries and national parks are theft and vandalism. By using detection solutions from GJD’s product range it is easy to safeguard valuable items.

GJD also provides state of the art intrusion protection solutions for out of hours. For example, our wired Laser detector is a laser based security/safety device designed to protect goods and buildings against theft, vandalism and intrusion. It also allows for the safe operation of industrial doors.

All of GJD’s sensors deliver high-precision, which enables reliable and accurate motion detection for the Heitage industry. 

CASE STUDY: Clarius LED Illuminators installed at Stonehenge

CASE STUDY: Basson uses D-TECT X MKIII as an integrated security solution for Epping Forest

CASE STUDY: GJD Partnership with E-Bound AVX Limited knows no boundaries

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